Ghewar a Rajasthan sweet for Raksha-Bandhan

Ghewar is a special Rajasthan sweet which was made on every occasion and it was made very specially on the occasion of Raksha-Bandhan.
The ingredients that are required preparing the Ghewar are as follows:
For the sugar syrup:
2 cups of sugar
1 cup water
2 or 3 cardamoms
For the batter
2 cups of Flour(Maida)
(1/3 cup+1 tablespoon)Clarified Butter/Ghee
1/4 cup Chilled Milk
4 cups Chilled water
Sliced Pistachios and Almonds for garnish
Mix the water, sugar, and cardamoms in a pan and boil until it came to semi liquid state. To check whether the sugar is sufficient or not taste it by taking a little bit by spoon. To check whether it is consistency dip your forefinger in water and then dip in the syrup. Bring your forefinger to your thumb so that the syrup touches the thumb. Pull the thumb far from the forefinger if u see threads between the fingers then the syrup is ready. Keep the syrup aside.
Add chilled milk to clarified butter in a bowl and beat well until light and creamy. Slowly add chilled water, a tablespoon at a time. Add flour alternatively and mix till all the flour and water are used up. If you need recipe more colorful then add color children mostly like colorful food items to eat they easily attract to colorful food items. After mixing you should avoid being free from bubbles.

Take a pan of 6” wide and fill it halfway with oil or ghee. Heat the pan on high flame. The flame should always bee high mainly while pouring the batter into it. To check whether the is hot enough or not, drop a bit of batter into the pan. When the oil is heat the batter spreads on the surface of oil like small bubbles. Keep a skewer to make the hole in the center.
Take the batter from the bowl. Hold it at least 1 foot above the pan. Keep the safe distance from the pan, let it splutters. Now slowly drizzle the battle to the center of the hot oil, in a slow way. You will that the oil is bubbling away from the batter. Once you completed pouring the batter into the pan wait until bubbles go down. Make a hole in the middle of the frying batter using the skewer. Continue the same process. After completing put them into the plate. After finishing the preparation of Ghewars, dip each Ghewar in the sugar syrup for 10-15 seconds and take out.Transfer to another plate and it is ready to serve.

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