Advantages of Himalaya Anti Dandruff Shampoo for oily scalp:

Himalaya Anti Dandruff Shampoo for oily scalp is meant for oily hair.
Reasons to get oily scalp:
Due to more heat and pollution in the Environment.
Due to the formation of sweat and lack of proteins.
If you don’t clean the scalp neatly.
Disadvantages of the oily scalp:
Due to the oil present in the Scalp results to form white flakes called dandruff.
Even though dandruff is harmless to health it irritates Sometimes.
This the main reason for less hair growth and makes hair fall and hair damage.
Makes your hair look unhealthy. Stress hormones and too much oil on scalp is also another reason to Form

Here is the solution for the above problems i.e, Himalaya anti dandruff shampoo for oily scalp.
Ingredients of Himalaya anti-dandruff shampoo:
>Tea tree oil-natural anti-dandruff agent.
>Holy basil-Anti microbial actions.
For each 1ml consist of extracts of soapberry -4mg,tulasi(HOLY BASIL)-3mg,rusmari-3mg,chanaka-3mg,oils of kayaputi-17mg,Sodium benzoate IP,climbazole,potassium sorbate.

How it works:

Himalaya anti dandruff shampoo removes excess oil in your scalp and gently removes dandruff and strengthens hair roots results to a healthy scalp.
It prevents dryness and helps to moisturize the hair because of the natural ingredients present in it.It removes dandruff such as Malassezia fungus to be gentle on hair.
It also controls itching and cures fungal infections.We can use this shampoo safely even though our hair is colored.
Not only that it smells good and cleans hair good.
use Himalaya Anti Dandruff Shampoo and say good bye to Dandruff & smoothens your hair.
Tea Tree oil moisturizes hair and keeps the scalp free from dandruff.
Aloe vera helps to prevent itching.
Directions for use:
Gently massage Himalaya anti dandruff shampoo for oily scalp into the wet hair and rinse thoroughly until the oil is cleared on your scalp.
Himalaya anti dandruff shampoo side effects:
If we use this shampoo daily your scalp might become dry.
use this shampoo twice in a week.
After shampoo moisturizer must be applied to avoid hair looking dry.
If u want to try in a different way use Himalaya anti-dandruff hair cream.
and Anti-Dandruff Hair Oil.

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